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Guys, I know it’s easy to despair with this team sometimes especially with the kind of play we’ve been witnessing, but you gotta keep positive.  Last year on this date we were in 4th place and 1 game below .500.  This yr we’re 1.5 games back and 2 above .500.   

bon jovi We are on a 4 game skid, but we were not blown out in any of em.  We played without our big bopper in Delgado, without (for the most part) Jose Reyes and with players manning positions theyre not accostomed to.  Not to mention we’ve had Jeremy Reed and Ramon Martinez in the lower part of the lineup.

This weekend undoubtedly wil be tough, but dont fret.  We got our ace going up against a very beatable Dice K, who’s 0-1 with a 12.79 ERA along with a 3.00 WHIP. 

In game 2, we have Big Pelf going up against another very beatable Red Sox hurler, Josh Beckett.  Pelfrey has shown something that Ive been very impressed with, and thats composure.  He’s settled down after getting hit and has kept us in games.   Beckett has had a pretty good couple of outings but we’ll see if he can hold it up. 

Sunday’s finale will matchup Redding and Wakefield.  A decent matchup that could go either way.  Redding had a very encouraging debut and looks to show he was worth the pickup.  Wakefield has been the definition of consistentcy.  The verteran knucklerballer has been at times masterful.  I hope he’s horrible on Sunday.

waterboy_2Obviously a big issue during the losing streak has been offense.  As mentioned earlier, Jeremy Reed and Ramon Martinez cannot be in this lineup on a daily basis, especially in May.  After watching his team get swept, I highly doubt Jerry will be putting that lineup out again.  

Anyway, my fellow neurotic Mets fans, enjoy the long wknd, be safe and as always Let’s Go Mets!



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Ok, been playing around with a new site. Let me know what you think.

I wanted to change the name of the domain to reflect the actuall site.  I have been playing around with it for a couple of days.  Please go over to that site and let me know which format you like better.  There are not many differences but I think the comment section is a little neater and it post the time on each comment instead of just the date.

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Headed to Bean Town…

Wish the team, and myself luck!

wish us luckI’m headed up to Boston this morning, I’ll be attending my second overall game at historic Fenway Park, but first with the Mets in town.

I will also be bringing my fiance’s 14 year old godson who is a Red Sox fan to his first game at Fenway as well, so i’m very excited for him to experience this.

My only other time at Fenway was a Blue Jays game in 2007, where I was very drunk, very quickly and had no interest in the outcome of the game, so it couldn’t have been a better experience… this time though, I’ll be wearing Mets gear, but behaving myself, that’s for sure.

With all that said, lets hope the Mets get on a winning track, and we need to root for those Yanks as well.  As much as it pains me, but in the grand scheme of things, their record doesn’t impact us at all unless its in our egos, but the Phillies record matters.

I will return late Saturday afternoon and at that time, we should be able to begin the move to, giving out email addresses and settin up shop in our new digs.  I’m very excited and very happy we’ve found such a good “core” of potential writers, supporters, moderators, etc etc, and I feel this will be extremely successful.

Alright guys, I hope to come back to another win, and more excitement over our venture, at least one of those things is a guarantee, the other…sits on the wide shoulders of Johan Santana.

See everyone tomorrow, with photos of the game, hold down the fort, and most importantly ..

lets go mets

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